I Absolutely Do Wake Up Beautiful

This is kind of my windswept look minus the wind.

I am proud to say that I got up at 8:05 this morning and was at work by 8:55. This included taking Freckles out for a walk. What the heck I may do that every day – it gets the old heart pumping.

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So I had my root canal yesterday and in the middle of the whole thing the dentist announces she has “hit a brick wall” and can’t get all the way to the root tip. “Ut ha hal” I exclaimed. You know I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all those bricks as a child. The next thing they will hit is a booger wall – but I digress. So the bottom line is that the original root canal was good because that dentist got as far as one could go and all this was done for nothing – well not exactly nothing — $950 worth of nothing. Fortunately she said she’d only charge me half, which was okay but still.

I guess it was worth it just to see the faces on the staff when they looked at my chart and saw that I wrote in the spot that asked “What would you like us to call you?” and I wrote “Desiree, High Priestess of the Desert.” The dentist was a sport and kept saying “Your highness would you tilt your head to the left.” Comedy ain’t cheap.

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