I Already Need A Day Off

I know I just got back from vacation but boy am I glad we are having a long weekend. It’s been a tough week. I don’t know why vacation has to be preceded by a horrible week where you are trying to get everything done before you take off and then followed by an equally horrible week when you have to catch up on everything that happened while you were gone. It’s like your vacation is the filling in some kind of dysfunctional Oreo cookie. And not a double stuff Oreo either, a very thin layer of vacation.

Great, now I’m hungry for Oreos — and by the way never buy the “golden” Oreo — it sucks. If you never listen to anything else I ever say take my word for this one.

This morning when I took Freckles to the park I saw someone had tossed an object into the pond. I went to look closer and saw it was a snow brush from someone’s car. It was as if someone said “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” and tossed the snow brush into the pond in a symbolic frenzy. That’s the only reason I can think that it would be in there so I’m going to stick with that story. If you can think of a better reason, please let me know.