I Am Age Inappropriate

I found this skirt and fell in love with it. I showed it to a friend who asked me if I thought it was “age appropriate.” I wanted to suggest she take the broomstick out of her behind because I think we should wear what makes us happy. With the possible exception of the Catholic school girl plaid jumper, I really question if there is such a thing as “age appropriate” clothing. Of course the plaid jumper could be fun in a good old fashioned game of the naughty school girl and the school crossing guard but I digress.

Growing up it seemed like everything I wore was either navy blue, forest green, or brown and if there was any design it was either a very small print or horizontal stripes because all of those wonderful choices were so slimming. Really until recently if you were larger and wanted to wear anything with a little pizazz you had to make it yourself. Lane Bryant rarely had anything that was age appropriate for a teenager.

So here’s a warning — I’ll wear whatever I want and if you don’t like it, well I’ll send a school crossing guard over to hit you on the head with a stop sign.

Have a great, age inappropriate day.