I Blame It On The Bossa Nova

I totally forgot to write a blog on Saturday and I had so many interesting and provocative things to say … but now it’s Sunday and my religion (the Temple of the Posturepedic) doesn’t allow me to say or write interesting and provocative things on Sunday so I guess it’s just a loss to all of humankind. Tough toenails humankind!

I’m going to an open house for my aunt and uncle’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. Ye gads, I can’t imagine being married to someone for 60 years. Actually I have a hard time imagining being married to someone for 60 weeks!
They are also my godparents and I’ve told them when they get to the pearly gates they are going to have a lot to answer for regarding their goddaughter. I’m not sure if they think that is funny or frightening. They’re Lutherans so you can never be too sure when it comes to talking about god and heaven.
I leave later this week for California for a wedding (at first I typed weeding, which is a different California activity all together). I’m looking forward to getting away for a few days and just having some fun. My nephew Brett is going to stay with Freckles. That should be interesting for both of them.
Stay cool and remember to blame it on the bossa nova.