I Bleed Robitusin

This is my “what’s that smell” look. Actually it’s probably it’s more a “I know what that smell is” look. And why, you may be wondering, are you being subjected to this look. Well let’s say that when it comes to aromatic urinary eliminations asparagus has nothing on Robitusin. (If I was at a bar I’d be saying “you can’t take Robitusin you can only rent it.”)

Last night I watched the salute to Betty White on her 90th birthday which is actually today — the same day as my friend Curt although I don’t believe he’s quite 90 yet.

I guess to say I love Betty White is like saying I love breathing. Everyone loves, or at least likes, Betty White. She’s the grandmother everyone wants to have. Hell she’s the friend everyone wants to have — even if you have to listen to St. Olaf stories. What would you rather listen to — stories about the herring circus or about smelly pee? I would only be willing to live to 90 if I can have her energy and wit — hell I’d like to have that now.

By the way is Captain Stubing still hot or what?