I Can Hear You

What the heck am I doing up this early????? Oh that’s right I have to be at work early. Bummer.

I would like to make an announcement to all people (including me) who have cell phones:


I was in the Skyway the other day and I heard this woman saying:

“I think I should go in and have it looked at. Last night I took my pants off and showed it to my husband. He said he didn’t know what it was but thought it looked infected.”

Of course now I’ll never know if “it” was infected. I hate that. I know of instances where people have overheard conversations between a lawyer and a client in a coffee place or on the bus and the person was on the other side of the case. How stupid are you? There is no cone of silence that comes with the cell phone.

I also saw at work someone busily looking at their phone who got on the elevator, never pushed the button for the floor they wanted, and rode up to my floor before they finally came back to reality. Then he says to me “Where am I?” I replied “Earth.”

Okay off to work. I hope I can remember to get off on the right floor.