I Can Print! I Can Print!

I found some of the cartoons I drew many years ago. I took a cartoon drawing class that was so much fun. I had a few that I thought were pretty good. I’m especially fond of this one.

I think I finally have my computer up to date — of course tomorrow Apple will release something new again. It is amazing how quickly you can have an obsolete running system. I’ve only had my computer for a couple of years and I was two systems behind. I am happy though that my computer itself is still the same … they haven’t changed that at all. Hopefully Apple is so busy with iPods and iPads and iPoo (that’s my term for all the other shit they are working on) that they won’t feel the need to redesign the computer itself for a while.

But the best news is that I got my printer to work … I’ve been trying to get it hooked up and upgrade the software blah, blah, blah for a while and last night it printed a page … one whole beautiful page. I thought I was going to have to get a new printer and while that didn’t thrill me it meant I would have to take a trip to the recycle center to get rid of the old printer and I said the next time I knew I’d have to go out there I was going to take my old TV with me. It is about 12 years old is gigantic and I only get 3/4 of a picture on it now that everything is HD. But I swore I wouldn’t get a new one until this one either gave out or I had to go to the recycling center with something else (like my hips or knees). So the old monster gets a reprieve (the TV not me).

Time to head off to the salt mines. I wonder if people who actually work in salt mines say it’s time to head off to the office. I’ll have to think about that ….