I Could Be Happy Without Some Things

Well I found something I’m more tired of hearing about than the royal wedding. With any luck both of them are almost over.

I am so happy the sun is out and it is nice outside and I am hoping that this is the beginning of nice weather for a long long long period of time. I use to think Christmas would suck without snow but now I’m willing to go without. I truly never want to see the following things again:

1. Snow (at least not for 8 months)
2. My breath (at least now while I’m outdoors)
3. Donald Trump
4. Royal weddings
5. New York Yankees
6. Mayonnaise
7. A certain attorney who shall remain nameless
8. A proctologist
9. Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann (they count as one because they are interchangeable)
10. The inside of a Wal-Mart

Have a good weekend.