I Don’t Want To Get Up — Really

Shhhhh don’t wake the sleeping beauty

It is 6:00 in the frickin’ morning and I’m showered and dressed and insanely happy to be up at this time — yeah right.

I have to leave here around 6:40 to set up a table at a conference — holy middle of the night batman — this is painful.

Poor Freckles will be here for 12 hours but I’ve arranged for two dog walks so that will help. I would have taken her to doggy day care but you can’t even start to drop off pets until 6:45.

I know I’ll want to take a nap at my desk, or under my desk. Oh well – quite your complaining Mary.

Yesterday at work I could not get the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA out of my head so I sent an email to everyone and declared in ABBA Afternoon. Many people thanked me for getting that song stuck in their head — you’re welcome. Oh is it in your head now? You’re welcome too.

Last night I must have been worn out from all my disco dancing because I fell asleep and missed the ending of Revenge. Luckily it will be available ON DEMAND by Infinity or Xfinity or Huckleberry Finity.

Well I better get going before the sunrises and I turn into a vampire or stop being a vampire or a vampire turns into sugar and melts or whatever is suppose to happen at sunrise.