I Don’t Want To Get Up

I should have been a bear — hibernation suits me well.

Yesterday Freckles had her first roll in the grass. She was ecstatic. Running and rolling and then looking at me as if to say “It’s back; the grass is back.” So much fun for both of us. Of course, no rolling today, in fact I’ll have trouble getting her to just go out and go. She doesn’t like the rain.

Lisa hasn’t heard yet from the doctor. She has decided it’s because it’s good news so they were calling others and I’m going to go along with that theory. She is so funny. I have found little gifts that she has left me all over the house. There was some gum and a packet of shamrock seeds. It’s like an Easter egg hunt. She says there is more. I can’t wait to find them. I’ll feel better when I hear the good news for myself.

Well I’m back to work after a long long weekend. I don’t suppose the elves visited my office and did all my work — no, of course not — those bastards are off making cookies and shoes.