I Dreamed A Dream

of not having to go to work on Mondays. It’s like when I was a teenager and my mom tried to get me up in the morning, especially in the summer — “One more hour” I’d plead back then but now it’s “One more day.”

By the way, it is less than one month until my birthday — August 18th. I just want to be sure to give you lots of notice so you can get your shopping done.
So for the story of the day. Yesterday I pull into the parking lot at Kowalski’s on Hennepin Avenue. A car pulls into the spot in front of me. As I try to gather my purse and bags and find a treat for Freckles I saw the oddest thing. The guy was driving a Hyundai, probably 8 years old, with the front bumper detaching from the rest of the car, ready to fall off at any minute. The car was beat-up and a bit rusty. So imagine my surprise when the guy driving the car actually puts “THE CLUB” on his steering wheel. You would have to pay me to take your car. Mister, I really don’t think anyone would see this as the car they want to boost. Let’s see, there’s a 2009 BMW to your left and a shiny Ford Escape to your right — it would be like me sitting at a bar with Heidi Klum on one side and Angelina Jolie on the other side and excusing myself to go put on a chastity belt. A waste of time and hardware.
Happy Monday.