I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

I thought I’d give you hope this morning … this picture was taken on May 2nd last year. It’s not that far away — I hope.

Of course when you look at the pictures from Japan I guess a few snow storms are not so bad. I saw a report where they were talking about how the tsunami was affecting the west coast of the US and they had the absolute nerve to show some guy at the marina in Santa Monica complaining how the waves almost knocked his boat into another boat. I can’t understand how the media doesn’t focus more on the poor boat owners in California. They are suffering so. I gave money to the Red Cross who will hopefully help those brave skippers through this trying time.

One of my big fears in life is an earthquake. Every time I go to California I have in the back of my mind a little mantra “Please don’t have an earthquake; please don’t have an earthquake.” I also have in the back of my mind “Please let me run into Keifer Sutherland; Please let me run into Keifer Sutherland.”

Ever since I took geology at the University of Minnesota and the professor talked about how a big earthquake would occur on the west coast — not might but would — I have thought about that. And lately more than ever. When I was in California for a wedding last summer my friend Geri said she hoped there was an earthquake so she could feel what it was like. I wonder if she’s rethinking that idea.

On the other hand, I admit that every time I drive over the 35W bridge that was rebuilt after it collapsed a couple years ago I say “Please don’t let me fall in the river; Please don’t let me fall in the river.” It’s nice to know paranoia is flexible and can generate anew.

It’s funny how the mind works. When I’m flying I never think about the plane crashing or when I’m driving 70 mph in a convertible I never think about getting in an accident or when I’m laying on the couch watching TV and eating potato chips I never think about my arteries clogging. Although every once in a while I think about falling and hitting my head and going into a coma and no one finds me for days but by then it’s too late because Freckles has started to feast on me. Yep it’s funny how the mind works.