I Hope Good Things Come In Threes

I win! I win!

Now if I can only have this kind of power on those “people” in Washington. The work week would be 3 days long – 6 hours max per day; no one would be permitted to make more than $1,000,000 a year; and wars would be decided by a pleasant game of Jenga.

I also am pleased to announce that I have a new book. It is available at Amazon but only as an ebook. You can also get it at Booktango as an ebook or a PDF.

Many years ago I found a book at the library called 101 Great Answers to Interview Questions and I thought “I bet the answers aren’t that great.” Having been on at least a hundred interviews in my lifetime I have had many of these answers in my head.

Well let’s see … I’m getting my old 3 Musketeers back and I published a new book. If good things come in three maybe I’ll hear good news about my mortgage today or someone will leave their change in the pop machine. I can hardly wait.