I Iz A Grajuate

Well after two weeks of hard work I received my HTML/XHTML I: Images, Links & Tables Certificate of Completion. My parents would have been so proud.

In fact the certificate is larger than my degree from the University of Minnesota which took me 4 years of thousands of dollars to get.
I can hardly wait to go on to HTML/XHTML II. The story continues.
Actually it is kind of cool to find out how websites are created. When you think of it, it gives you a lot of power to be able to do that. Oh, I know you can get those prefabricated websites and just plop in your information. (By the way, I love the words “plop” along with “splat” and “blah” as my favorite onomatopoeias. And you thought I wasted those thousands of dollars on college.)
So, to keep you updated on the funk meter — better than earlier this week. By the way, there’s a difference between being in a funk and being funky. I will always be a funky gal, just hopefully a funky gal not in a funk.
Party on.