I Miss You Mom

It was nine years ago today that my mom died. I really miss her so much. She had COPD (a new and improved way of say emphasema) and the last years of her life she had to use an oxygen tank. One of my favorite mom stories is when I had taken her to one of her many doctor appointments. On this day she was feeling pretty down about her physical condition. We got to the clinic and the waiting room was crowded. I told her to find us some chairs and I’d check her in. When I sat next to her she said “I’ve become a burden on you and your brother. When we get home you should just put me in the dumpster and let them haul me away.” Well not only was the waiting room crowded, it was quiet, so everyone had heard this and they were all looking at us. I turned to my mom, took her hands and said “Don’t be ridiculous mom I’m not going to leave you in some dumpster; I’ll drive you right out to the landfill.” Well we both laughed and moved on. My mom had a great sense of humor and fun. These are some of my favorite pictures of her.

The one with the swing set is the early years (that’s me in the background). One is her modeling a hat that I crocheted for her for Christmas (a glam shot). Another one is her blowing out her birthday candles with a little help from her grandson Perry.
I miss you mom and tonight I’ll be sharing a dinner with some of my friends at your favorite restaurant Famous Dave’s and thinking of you.