I Think The Sun Is Broken

Well the Gods heard my blog of yesterday and we have some sun, but I think it’s broken because it’s ‘coursin freezing out there. (I prefer the more distinguished term “intercourse” or “‘course” to the vulgar “F” word — it makes me the classy broad that I am.)

Tonight is the State of the Union address. Personally I think it should be called the State of the Not-So-Union Address. We may all belong to the same country but we are so divided its sad. Gay marriage, abortion, health care, gun control, Kate or Jon — the only thing we agree on is that the other side is wrong. I’m thinking of starting my own non-violent militia but I guess we’d have to be called a pacifistia. Of course you can’t spell pacifistia without “fist” so I’m wondering if this would work.
Well at least I have the hat for it — Pacifistia Fashionista