I Want A Pony For Christmas

Today I’m up close and personal … well up close. It was an abrupt awakening. Usually Freckles sleeps in until I finally go and get her up but all of a sudden Freckles is like “I gotta go” and I’m racing to pull on my sweats under my nightgown, throw on my coat, and get her out the door. Well she made it, but that cold air reminded me that I needed to go too. What a duo we are “I have to go; no I have to go; no I have to go.” I wonder which one of us will end up in diapers first.

My friend Mary’s dog Buddy (oh Buddy) is wearing diapers now. I believe he is around 14 or 15 years old and he’s my pal too. I remember staying with Mary when I was here for Christmas during my disastrous move to California episode and Buddy came and slept on my feet. It was the best feeling in the world. It was like he knew I was sad and he wanted to make me feel good. Dogs are the best.
So today is the “big game.” I hope the Vikings win. On Friday night there were interviews with fans at a rally at the Mall of America and people were saying they can’t sleep and are having trouble dealing with the anxiety. Not being a crazed fan, on the one hand I think they are nuts, on the other hand I envy them the fun they are having. They remind me of kids who can’t sleep waiting for Santa to come. I just hope they get a pony, I don’t think they can handle getting another set of socks.