I Want to Stay Home Too

Why don’t I have today off too? No fair; no fair.

I remember working for a big local law firm when the MLK Day was first celebrated. They made a big deal about how they would be observing the day. What they didn’t mention was that as long as they were giving us MLK Day off, then we wouldn’t get President’s Day off. They only wanted to be politically correct to a certain point. Screw Abe and George; Hello Martin. Oh well.

I finally put away all my holiday junk. Actually I didn’t put it all away. I loaded up two big containers and a bag filled with things to give away. I went from six large containers to three and one of those containers has items I plan to give away next year or sell on eBay. I sold two of my Hallmark singing snowmen for a nice price. I was going to do that this year but someone (PETER) talked me out of it. I was right — I really don’t want to put all that stuff out anymore. It was fun for a long time, but it just isn’t the thrill it use to be.

Well I better get Freckles out of bed and get going.