I Won’t Make You Sick

My entire life seems to be consumed with the Fringe Festival. I wonder if other people who are doing shows are this overwhelmed with work and worry. It kind of sucks the fun out of the whole thing. But last night, for the first time, I was getting excited for the show. Things are all coming together finally and I don’t think the show is going to suck or blow chunks. That would make a great review:

“Change Your Underwear, Change Your Life is a show that will make you laugh. It doesn’t suck and it doesn’t blow chunks. You won’t need a barf bag so go see it.”

Oh I can only dream. If you are in the Twin Cities, I hope you will come to see it. You can get more information on the website. And if you are starting to get tired of hearing about it just think it’s almost over and we can get back to normal posts like how hot it is, how cold it is, how I can’t find my iPod — really stimulating topics like that.