I Would Like Those 5 Hours of My Life Back

I heard there was some kind of game on yesterday. Was it a big lacrosse game of some sort?

I was actually torn about who I wanted to win. On one hand I didn’t want all those Packer fans at work to be gloating but on the other hand I didn’t want that sleezy Ben Roethlisberger to win either. So I was rooting for the half-time show which stunk. I should have just kept watching the Criminal Minds marathon.

Then I stayed up to watch Glee and now I’m tired and grumpy (and dopey and sleepy and doc). Tonight is the lottery for the Minnesota Fringe. I applied to be in it this year. I’m hoping that for the first time I will win a spot in the lottery. Root for #271!!!!!!

Well off to work for another exciting week.