If You’re Happy And You Know It …

I feel good … I knew that I would. Why? I gave a kick-butt presentation yesterday at work. Blew them out of the water. It’s fun to do something you like. It’s moments like this when I understand people who say they are lucky to do something they love for a living. Enjoy the moment.

Have you ever read “The Happiness Project”? It’s an interesting book that’s become a self-sustained industry. Gretchen Rubin writes about her own journey to become happy, or find out what makes people happy. The funny thing, for me, is I felt guilty reading it — and I’m not even Catholic.

Why did I feel guilty? Because who am I to be happy when so many people in the world are suffering. But at the same time if I’m unhappy will that make those people any better off? It’s one of those questions that is — well stupid. I think people who are happy, who feel good about themselves and their life, are more likely to do something to help others or if not more likely at least they are in a better position to do something. In fact America was founded on the idea of the pursuit of happiness. That’s why everyone comes here — except perhaps for a few idiot terrorists — to find their own happiness.

There are days when I’m not so happy — and sometimes those days turn into weeks — but I’m intent on finding more good days.