I’m A Winner — Maybe

Someone in Minnesota won the $220,000,000 Powerball. My numbers are at work so I guess even if I won I at least have to show up one more time — of course some of my favorite shoes are also at work so I’d have to go in anyways — or I could just buy a shoe factory.

It is fun to dream about what you would do with all the money. I have a friend who has actually sat down and decided what percentage of her winnings she would give to family and friends. I think I get 3% or 7% or something like that. So if it wasn’t me I sure hope it’s someone I know who deserves the money. I’ll be so disappointed if it’s someone who already has lots of money and bought a ticket on a whim. Oh well. I’ll keep you posted because it is so likely I won.

Two more shows left or perhaps three if I sell the most tickets for my venue, then I’ll have a show on Sunday. That would be good news/bad news. On the one hand if I won my venue it would be a shocker to the local theater community. There are a lot of Fringey artsy-fartsy shows at the same venue so to have some one outside the inner sanctum of the Fringe win a venue would be like Pauly Shore winning an Oscar. On the other hand by Sunday I’m going to be so tired but I do have Monday off so what the heck.

I went and saw a show last night called Dance with the Divas that was great fun. It’s a group of women of all ages, shapes, abilities that get together every week just to dance because they like it. They danced to songs by Pink and Cher and Loretta Lynne and I can’t remember them all and at the end everyone in the audience was invited to go up and join the dance to RESPECT by the Queen – Aretha Franklin. If you get a chance to see it you should go. You will leave feeling better than when you went it and there aren’t a lot of shows you can say that about.

Have a good day … off to see if I won $220,000,000 — or maybe at least $200.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Winner — Maybe

  1. By now you know the sorry news: a couple who has a financial advisor won your money. That's riiiiight, news reports state they have a financial advisor, blech. You know that means they have enough money already! On the good side, I matched 3 regular numbers so I win something. Don't yet know what, but it's probably $3.

  2. I'm double-commenting, but this is a new day and I just saw an interview with the winning couple, and I can't help but like them. So I will have to take back my 'blech' comment above.

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