I’m A Yankee Doodle Tax Payer

Once again the work fairies didn’t show up to do my work while I was gone. I’m going to have to put this in their permanent record.

This weekend I do my patriotic duty by filing my taxes. And hopefully the government will do its patriotic duty and return some money to me. I keep being told I should take more deductions on my payroll taxes so I don’t have as much taken out but I really look forward to a big pay day at the start of the year. I know the idea is that I would take the extra money each check and use it wisely but I know myself well enough to know I would spend it on things like insurance and mortgage payments. I’m such a wild thing.

Other than that my weekend is going to be pretty quiet — I hope. Freckles may have some wild notions about parties and keggers. I think she’s been calling her boyfriend Wally and trying to set up a meeting. I should have never gotten her a cell phone of her own.