I’m An Idiot! I’m An Idiot!

Yesterday I posted a comment to a Pioneer Press story and someone called me an idiot. I feel like I’ve made the big time. I always told my humor writing class that if you don’t tick one person off a day you aren’t doing your job. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the PP comment used my real name and linked to my Facebook page so I deleted it but it was nice to be an idiot in the press.

The comment? There was a sad story about a minister having an affair with a young girl in the church and I was thinking if it had been a boy people who are all up in arms about same sex marriage would use it as an example of how Sodom & Gomorrah is going to happen. It said “Good thing this wasn’t a same sex affair; that would be an abomination and just plain icky — an abominicky.” I was excited I created a new word. And now I’m excited that I made someone so mad they called me an idiot. I must be doing my job.

Feeling better today. Still not hungry which I think is why that apocolypse guy might be right. I’ve always told my doctor when I’m not hungry it’s a sign of the coming apocolypse.