I’m Appreciated

Yes, the American Heart Association has presented me with a 2009 Certificate of Appreciation and all I had to do was open my mail. Oh sure they add a caveat about “in recognition of a generous gift” but too late, I already have my certificate. Thank you Dr. Clyde W. Yancy, President of AHA. (By the way I think the American Heart Association should have more fun with the fact that their initials spell A-HA, but that’s just my opinion — the opinion of an appreciated person.) This is going to look great on my resume under awards. I would recommend everyone open their mail so they too can be appreciated. Sure, you might think I didn’t really do anything to deserve this but I disagree. I risked a paper cut, envelope glue poisoning (um, have you ever watched “Seinfeld”?), and the never ending concern with anthrax. I am now waiting for my invitation to the banquet saluting me — an appreciated person.