I’m Back

I had a great time and am always happy to get home, especially to see Freckles. Saturday afternoon when I was getting ready for the wedding I turned on the TV in my room and HBO was showing “Marley & Me.” I’d never seen the movie, but I had read the book, and I was sobbing so hard at the end I had to call home and see how my girl was doing. So here is my bit of wisdom, if you leave a dog you love at home when you go on vacation — DON’T WATCH “MARLEY & ME”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another tip, don’t come home to horrible weather. In Santa Barbara it was about 72, breezy, and NO HUMIDITY. Yikes, this is torture. If I was rich I’d have a vacation home out there. It is beautiful, the weather is great, and everything is really expensive.
The wedding was wonderful … up on a mountain and it was actually quite cool. I loved it although others were freezing (the people from California were freezing the most). I’ll write more about my experiences, especially on the plane, but right now I have to do some laundry.