I’m Dreaming of a Betty White Christmas

That should be the next Betty White special. If you didn’t see Saturday Night Live you missed a fantastic show so either watch it again or watch if for the first time here. NBC also released a sketch that was cut due to time.
She was so funny and OMG for someone who is 88 years old she had a lot of energy. And I will never look at a muffin again without thinking of Betty White’s Big Dusty Muffin.
She is my new inspiration (replacing Curious George). I want to grow old like she has. Much better than Laura Bush who recently announced that she loves to clean bath tubs. If I ever tell you that I love to clean bath tubs you are to take me out in a field and shoot me or put a pillow over my face, I won’t even struggle. Yikes.
Well it’s off to work. I know, I’m thankful I have a job.