I’m Not Obsessed, No I’m Not …

2 bits – 4 bits – 6 bits – a dollar
All for District 12 stand up and holler. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh yes the day has finally come … tonight, or perhaps I should say tomorrow, at 12:01 a.m. I will be at the Southdale IMAX to watch The Hunger Games. Oh yes, I’m one of those crazy people. Actually with the exception of The Rocky Horror Picture Show I’ve never gone to a midnight movie — oh wait, I guess there were some drive-ins but never mind — TONIGHT I attend my first, and I’m pretty sure my only, first showing of a movie at 12:01 a.m. on the release date. My friend Lisa, who never sleeps anyways, is going with me. I’m so excited …. I want to go now and get a good seat but I guess I’ll have to wait.

I loved the book and I’m anxious to see how they turn it into a movie. I’m also anxious to see if, in fact, I’m not the oldest person there tonight. And I’ll bet there will be lots of folks dressed up for the event. I will be wearing my District 12 t-shirt and my mockingjay pin but other than that I’m as normal as the next  person … who is wearing a District 12 t-shirt and a mockingjay pin. Oh give me a break — I haven’t been this giddy since the start of a season of “24.” Speaking of “24” my boyfriend’s new show starts tonight, although it says the world premiere so I wonder if it is a rerun of the world premiere last January. But my further father-in-law Donald Sutherland stars in the “Hunger Games” as the evil President Snow. I’ll have to kid him about that at Christmas this year (which is four days after my boyfriend’s birthday on 12/21). Maybe I’ll give him a “snow” globe — oh how funny. You know it’s nice to see that I have a level head about me.

So my next post will be around 4 in the morning, and I’ll give you my movie review. Or maybe 3 in the morning. The movie starts at 12:01 and lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes so we won’t be out until 2:30 at the earliest and then I have to take Lisa home and when I get home I’ll have to take Freckles out for a potty break and hopefully not get mugged in the process so, yes, if all goes well, I should be back at my computer around 3 in the morning. And, yes, I’m taking Friday off as a vacation day so I can bask in the glory of my morning at the theater.