I’m Number One ….

plus 20 on the waiting list. I’m feeling blue. This is the fifth year I’ve tried to get a spot with the lottery and the fifth year I’ve been wait listed. One year I was in the top 10 on the wait list and I did get in but 21 is pretty far down there.

I know some people (including me) think that things happen for a reason but I have a hard time with the logic. I mean I can be okay with this type of thing happening for a reason but if I truly believe that everything happens for a reason then I have to believe horrible things happen for a reason — Hurricane Katrina, Earthquakes in Haiti, Sarah Palin — and I just can’t wrap my brain and heart around the idea that the universe would actually have a reason for such horrible things.

The main reason I wanted to get into the Fringe was so I had something to look forward to. I feel like all I ever do any more is work and there just isn’t anything in front of me that keeps me going. Do you ever feel that way? Any ideas?

Hey, sorry this is a bummer but I’m feeling blue.

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  1. Dear Mz. M ~ Sounds like the air has gone out of your tire in more ways than one. Cheer up. This winter has sucked the life out of all of us. At least those of us who knew John F. Kennedy when he was alive. I hope your "blue" turns to a cheery cherry soon! Start a gratitude journal. Write down 3-5 things you're grateful for each day. It has helped me. Be grateful for being blue – we could be six feet under and that would SUCK!

    Julia (of RKM&C)

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