I’m On Fire

I have to make this quick or I’ll be late for work and I don’t want to miss even one glorious moment.

Well last night at 11:15 I woke up to the firm alarm in the building. We all went outside and waited for the fire department which didn’t show up. Apparently you have to call 911 when the fire alarm goes off, they don’t just come automatically. Well three gigantic trucks drove up along with a police car. They went into the building with hoses and axes. It was almost like my fantasy except I’m still in bed when they use their ax to get into my place and then I refuse to leave the building until Ryan (the firefighter) makes passionate love to me. But I digress. They went in, and came out after finding no fire. So we all went back in but just as they were pulling away the damn alarm went off again. They came back in and turned it off. I was falling asleep when, yes, the alarm went off again. Then it stopped, Then it went off. Then it stopped. Then it went off. At this point I could do a joke about sailors on leave but I’m still busy with Ryan so I can’t go there.
Well I think the alarms finally stopped around 1:00 but I can almost guarantee you the next time the alarm goes off we won’t all go outside again. When you see the story about 100 people burn to death in a condo in Kenwood you’ll know we just didn’t believe it when the alarm went off the next time.
So have a good Monday (is that an oxymoron?).