I’m Sleeping Single In A Double Bed

Well I know you are all wondering how Bessie is doing … I have good news and bad news … the good news is she is running great, the bad news is I can either spend quite a big of money to get a new motor for her convertible top or I can just put the top up and down manually. The guy at Auto Motion (which I highly recommend in St. Louis Park) said he would look on line for used motor to save some money. I’ll have to give this some thought.

Now for a new issue, Freckles doesn’t want to sleep with me any more. She likes to lay on the floor in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure it’s because it is cooler and/or she’s hoping that magic box (refrigerator) will open and a side of beef will fall out. But I’m so use to sleeping with her I feel sad without her. I do remember she use to get out of bed and sleep on the floor in the closet but I put some shelves in there so she can’t do that anymore. Hopefully when it gets cooler she’ll want to come back. The other day when I slept on the couch because it was cooler in the living room she slept on the couch with me all night so I’ve decided not to take it personally.
PLEASE LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe I’m taking it a little bit personal.