I’m Still Around

I apologize to my faithful readers. I have been in a tailspin lately with personal issues.

I promise I’ll be back. I just need to take care of some things that are overshadowing everything else.

The two thoughts that keep me going are:

1) it’s only money; and
2) this too shall pass.

The third thought is against the law so I won’t publish it to be used against me in a court of law (can you just hear the cha-ching of Law & Order in the background?).

I will tell you that I’m amazed at how I just do things I don’t know if I would have done in the past. This morning on the bus there’s this guy, probably in his early 20s, slouched down in his seat with his feet up on the side seats in front of him. That is annoying enough but he has his gym bag or whatever laying open in the center of the aisle. So I walk up, kick the bag under his seat and say “This isn’t the frat house, sit up.” Amazingly he did. Next time I’m going to pull his ear like one of the mom’s on the block use to do if she wanted to get you to physically move. Once you’ve had your ear pulled you become much more cooperative with future requests.

So I’m okay. I know I’ll come out of this fine one way or another. I appreciate the email asking where I am. It’s nice to know I’m missed out here in cyper land.