I’m Still Blaming It On The Bossa Nova

That’s why I didn’t post yesterday. Blame it on the bossa nova baby.

I’m in cool weather heaven. Got to wear my sweatshirt this morning when I took Freckles out, and Freckles is much more energetic. Let’s face we are not a hot weather family.
Yesterday I had the best breakfast at Peter’s Grill in downtown Minneapolis. I had French toast. I love French toast but I can’t make it to save my soul — which, let’s face it is way past the saving point. It is always either soggy or dry — and that’s the kind I buy that’s frozen and you just stick in the microwave. Imagine what it would turn into if I actually made it from scratch.
Have a good Friday (of the non-religious type). It’s almost the weekend. Now it’s back to the bossa nova.