I’m Thankful I’m Not A Mince

Well this past weekend I put up almost all of my Christmas stuff — tree, Charlie Brown characters, dancing elves, Rudolph — you know the typical Christmas stuff. But not as much as I have in past years — I’m scaling back so it doesn’t take me three days to put it out and three days to take it down. Last year I gave away a lot of my holiday items and this year I still have a box filled with items I’m not putting out. I haven’t decided if its just part of getting older or if I’m just not that into Christmas as I used to be. Or perhaps I’m just lazy — no that can’t be it — I took a couple of naps just to think on that possibility and came to the conclusion — no that can’t be it.

Tonight I’m going to pick-up, I mean bake, a pumpkin pie to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at my brothers. I love pumpkin pie — with or without whipped creme. Don’t understand how anyone could eat mincemeat pie. First off I think that it’s just wrong to hunt mince and the corporate farms that raise mince treat them poorly. Makes those egg farms look like Club Med. Speaking of eggs did you see the sign they put up at Target?

Due to unavailability, eggs are not available at this location.

Really, unavailability causes things not to be available?!? Perhaps we should send a note in our bill payment envelope — Due to unavailability, money is not available from this person — might be fun to see their response.

I can’t watch the egg farm video — it would make me too sick. I didn’t eat meat for about six months a few years back. I may go back to my vegetarian ways — and I’ll start by not eating any mince.

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  1. Mince just don't taste as good as they did when we were kids. Must be all the chemicals they use 😉

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