In A Mood

I woke up early this morning and just laid in bed thinking “What’s the point?” I get up and do pretty much the same thing I did yesterday — I take a shower, walk the dog, go to work, eat my lunch, come home, walk the dog, watch some TV, go to bed. Tonight I break the routine by going to school.

I actually think what’s bugging me is tomorrow my family leaves for Chile (yes that place with the miners) to go to my nephew’s wedding and I’m not going to be there. I feel really sad I can’t be part of it. I know he understands — he says he’s putting a life size cutout of me by the bar so it will be like I’m there — but I feel bad. When he was growing up I was always there at his games, concerts, whatever. And this Sunday is probably the biggest day of his life and I’m not there.

Okay, off the pity pot and off to work — oh sh*t I think I’ll just stay on the pity pot.