In Perspective and In Pockets

I was watching the Today show this morning and had to turn it off. The news was so depressing I just couldn’t listen any more. My biggest complaint is I have to go to work and I’m listening to these people in Joplin, MO and north Minneapolis who lost everything and well I guess I should stop complaining. If you want to hear what fear sounds like listen to this video. You can’t see much of anything but it is from when the Joplin tornado hit a convenience store with 20 people inside a storage freezer hoping to survive. Scary stuff.

This morning I was having a little trouble getting dressed. I won’t go into details but let me just say both my legs will not fit into one leg hole of my underwear. Trust me. Then I put on my jeans and the left pocket was wet and I was trying to figure out what happened when I realized that Freckles must have discovered the treats inside the pocket last night. Yes, my jeans were laying on the floor — does that surprise you? She dug into that pocket and ate every treat and then made sure she didn’t miss a crumb. She’s quite a cleaning machine. If I could harness that power I could make a fortune. I would actually be happy if I could just get her to clean the bathtub.

Have a trauma free day.