Initial Confusion

Happy Monday from me and Freckles. I’m the one on the left.

So I’m driving home down Dunwoody Blvd. and there is a sign that says “IAWP Overflow Parking.” Have you ever seen a set of initials and tried to figure out what it is. Well I do because my life is full and wonderful that way. For the rest of the trip home I’m thinking “Insane And Weird Plumbers,” “Intelligent Animals With Pimples,” Inventive Accountants Wearing Purple,” and finally, my favorite “International Association of White People.”
I went on line to try to find out what it really means, because I was pretty sure it wasn’t any of my thoughts, and discovered it is the International Association of Women Police, who are holding their 2010 conference here in Minneapolis. Probably a bad time to commit a crime with a town filled with police women, darn just when I was planning a big caper.
So have a good Monday and for god’s sake don’t jay walk.