Is It Hot In Here Or Am I Just Happy To Sweat On You

This is how my friend Lora and I felt yesterday at the Twins game. The hottest day of the year. We had these great seats in the 9th row. Unfortunately the 9th row is also without covering and we slowly started moving up to the 12th row, then the 18th row, then we just started walking around. With the score 6-0 with my Twins being 0, it was now about being at the stadium more than watching the game. But, as Lori said, we were sweating like “a stuffed pig.” Neither one of us really understood what that meant but that’s what we were doing.

When we were still in the 9th row I talked a vendor into giving me a big chunk of ice in his chest of beer. I wrapped it in the t-shirt I won at the Treasure Island booth and kept it on my face and neck and wherever I wanted.

A couple of people took a picture of me and my ‘EVEN JESUS HATES THE yankees’ t-shirt and others commented. If you want to make friends quickly wear this t-shirt to a Twins game. On the light rail ride home, though, there was this kid standing there with his yankee hat on glaring at me for the entire ride. I know it’s tough to realize that the guy who is suppose to love all, hates your team but it’s true so bite me. I was going to say something as I passed him but he had those pants that were hanging way too low and I watch enough Criminal Minds and Law & Order to know that is the first suspect they look at so I kept my mouth shut.

After I dropped Lori back at her hotel, I stopped at McDonalds to get something to drink and asked for a glass of ice. On the drive home I kept putting ice down my shirt and boy did that feel good. And, if given the opportunity, I would have laid in ice just like this cute guy is doing.

By the way I know I interchanged Lori and Lora — in high school she was Lori, when she moved away I guess there were a bunch of Loris in her school so she became Lora. I just can’t get use to calling her that. She’s okay with it.

And my friend Peter said as a punishment or mea culpa for wishing him a happy birthday a day late I had to mention “Peter” every day in my blog for a month so here goes: Mary Martin was great in the play “Peter Pan.”