Is It Hot Or Is It Me?

I am climatically bipolar. Or perhaps not. You decide.

I can’t stand high heat/humidity like the last two days. It gives me a splitting headache. I don’t like air conditioning — I like to have my windows open. It also makes me nauseous. I should live in Duluth during the summer. They rarely have really hot days and there are all those sailors just off the boat.
I also can’t stand the excessive cold. I’m talking about -20 with a windchill on top of that. The only good thing about those days is when Freckles does number 2 it freezes right away and is easy to pick-up. I should live in Denver in the winter. You get some snow but it goes away rather quickly. Plus I love John Denver.
Duluth and Denver — I’m not climatically bipolar; I’m climatically stacked (a double D).