Is It Payday Yet?

I hate it when we have three weekend paydays. I run out of money at the second weekend and don’t like to tap my small savings account. Where I work we get paid on the 15th and last day of the month. I liked it when I worked at a company that paid you every two weeks. The checks were a little bit smaller than the twice a month checks but then twice a year you would get an “extra” check when there would be 3 checks in one month. That was like having a savings account. Oh well … if I ran the world.

So did you enjoy your summer because apparently it has come to an end. I’m cold. Went for a walk with Freckles this morning wearing my sweatshirt and my nose is cold. I don’t mind the cool weather but I like it without the clouds. Apparently the weather gods didn’t ask me my opinion — go figure. Hopefully they will consult me soon. I’ll keep you posted.