It Seems Insurmountable

up the stepsThis is a picture of my great-niece Vicky in Paris or Spain (I’m not sure where she is) but she loves to climb steps so she is off again. I’m pretty sure she’s not thinking well that building is way too far away I’ll never get there — she is probably thinking one more step and then one more step etc.  Actually I don’t have any idea what she is thinking but I do know she is brighter than most of us … just keep going until you get to where you want to go (unless some adult comes along and scoops you up and keeps you from your destination). Of course if some adult comes along and tries to scoop us up we can kick them in the balls or knees if they are testicle-impaired people. Either way we can fight the scooper.

I don’t know what this suppose to mean but when I saw this picture this is what I thought about and I decided to share it. Of course it is another chance to show off Vicky too.