It’s Almost Here

No not Christmas (although that’s almost here too) … my VACATION. I’m taking all of next week off. I figured if I can’t be in Chile I still can be on vacation.

I’m not going anywhere but I’m going to have a great time. I know you’ll be jealous when I tell you so don’t read any more if you can’t deal with disappointment … okay I’m going to work on my new blog/website and clean-out my closets.
Yep, that’s my idea of fun. Of course in between I’m going to take my friend to a Roto-Rootering (aka colonoscopy) and go to a movie with some other friends.
In anticipation of my vacation I have been cleaning my office. Yesterday I got one of those big barrels from the building and filled it with crap and stuff. I should open a store called CRAP & STUFF. Oh look a butterfly.
What was I saying, oh yes I was cleaning out my office and I found a SHINY OBJECT, SHINY OBJECT.
Oh never mind. Have a good Thursday.