It’s Here

Hello everyone:

If you are sick of hearing about the Fringe … well so am I. Only a few days to go. My posts may be sporadic at best because I’m either sleeping as late as I possibly can before going to work or I forget. Apologies in advance. When this is over life may go back to semi-normal.

I’m taking the day after the Fringe ends off from work just to sleep — and maybe clean up my place.

I had my tech rehearsal and it went well. The theater is nice and cool which helps so much when you have these horrible lights shining on you. I think I’m ready … or close to ready … and am anxious just to get going. Wish I had the time/money to take the week off but if you wish in one hand and shit in the other which do you have more of? — My ex use to say that all the time; the one smart thing he said.

I’m also getting cabin fever again. This is as bad as winter with the windows closed and I can’t go outside except to take Freckles to do her business. I might as well be wearing a down parka and clunky boots. I’m really sick of this weather and will be happy when it is in the 60s and 70s again.

Okay done complaining for a bit. Have a good Monday. I’m off to the Emerald City; hope the flying monkeys don’t get me.