It’s Not My Fault …

I was at my computer early this morning, ready to do my blog and the Blogger site was down. I just checked again and it’s now up and running but for the life of me I can’t remember was I was going to blog about this morning — and it was really deep yet funny yet cutting edge yet timely yet sensitive yet the words the world has been waiting for. Oh well … dang Google they ruined it all.

I did go and have my portrait taken by Wendy Zins. She is a great photographer and does the portraits for the folks at work. She’s been bugging me to get a picture taken — other than these lovely ones that I take via photobooth on my Mac — so I did it today. There was even a wonderful woman who is a professional make-up artist who did me up all pretty and stuff. When I get my photos I’ll post them here. I highly recommend Wendy – she made me look good and that’s not the easiest task in the world.

So if I ever remember what I was going to tell you this morning I’ll try to write it down before it leaves my head again.