It’s Off; It’s On; Nope It’s Off

The electricity last night. I was rinsing off some dishes when the electricity went off, then it tried like the dickens to come back on, then it went off — for about 4 hours.

Luckily it was around 9:00 so it had cooled down quite a bit. This time I knew where my flashlight was, and my radio. I rinsed dishes in the semi-dark, did a few other things, and then took Freckles out for her evening toilette. It was pouring rain so both of us were soaking wet. She looked at me with that “What the f*ck” look. It was hot and now it was hot and damp. I took a cold shower — this is as close to being a horny teenage boy as I will ever get. And that’s good because I never planned on being a horny teenage boy. I planned on being an actress, a writer, a nurse, a stewardess, a teacher, a mother, a dancer, a Miss America, a cheerleader, and of course, a great detective but never a horny teenage boy. But I digress as usual.
Well back to Sunday and all it’s glory.