*#@*^ It’s Snowing

They said it wasn’t going to snow and now it is and I hate them — I hate all those weather people who lie to me and I’m not inviting any of them to my birthday party and I mean there’s going to be a pony and a pinata and hopefully people will be able to tell the two apart or that is going to be one pissed off pony.

Freckle news: It’s not the best news ever. Her back leg knee is in bad shape. There’s a long word for it but I don’t remember what it is. The problem is that with only one back leg there’s a lot of pressure on it and it’s caused this to happen. It won’t get better on its own and the vet said that there is surgery but it wouldn’t be effective for her because she only has the one leg. The recovery would be difficult because she would have to be carried every where and would not have another leg to take the burden off the injured leg. Basically we just try to be sure it doesn’t get worse and hope for the best. It’s funny I think she knows somethings wrong because last night in bed she was definitely into more cuddling than usual. She’s my baby and I’ll do what I can to help her.

Well I suppose I have to go out in this crap fest which is not to be confused with Red Lobster’s crab fest. I believe that happened once in Alabama and the results were not pretty.

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