It’s Thanksgiving Week

I started bringing out my Christmas decor on Sunday and putting away my fall decor. I listened to holiday songs and watched Elf. It’s a good feeling. Then I get a recorded phone call from some political polling group and the first question is “Do you plan on voting in the November 2012 election?” And my thought is … well Son of a Nutcracker. Let me at least get through the holidays before we start thinking about politics again. It’s bad enough there is another recount in Minnesota for governor.

I got a new chair on Saturday. It is a recliner that belonged to my friend’s mom (my sparent). She got a fancier one and offered this one to me. It’s electric and with a push of a button the back goes back and the feet come up. It is also one of those chairs that can lift you out of the chair — yes an old lady chair. Thankfully I don’t need it but some day if I do, I’ll have it. On the other hand it’s fun to try but you have to be ready to get up because the first time I used it I kind of fell out of the thing. Oh well, it’s an adventure. Last summer when my new friend Cameron, who is 3, was here he decided to give his great-grandma a ride on the chair. I looked over and poor Mrs. B was way up in the air hanging on for dear life. I thought she was going to fall splat on the ground. Really funny once it wasn’t scary.

So get ready for some good eating and whatever the week will bring.