It’s the big 5-0-0

This is my 500th post. If my name was Mindy it would be the Mindy 500 or if I had been blogging about how to become rich it would be the Fortune 500 or if I was a dentist it could be 500 Smiles and if it was Oprah’s 500th blog it would be a week long celebration culminating in a special on OWN television.

But it’s just little old swell gal Mary so it is the 500 Blogs In Swell Smack Down Celebration.


Well thank God that’s over. I’m spent. Anyone got a cigarette?

Hey how about those Vikings!?! 3-0 if you only watch the first half of the games. That’s exactly what I did yesterday because I wasn’t going to have my heart ripped out again. Britta told me she has a friend who will only watch the first half of Titanic because she doesn’t like the idea of something so beautiful at the bottom of the sea. So I’m only watching the first half of the Viking games for the rest of the season.

And speaking of milestones the Twins are on the way to their 100th loss. They avoided it this weekend so are at 99 but I’m challenging Adrian Monk by saying it would be nice to have a round number like 100.

I am now turning my energies to the Minnesota Wild who I know will not rip out my heart and stomp on it this year. Yep, this is the year of the Wild, I can feel it — of course that might just be gas.

I hope you have a good day celebrating the 500 Blogs in Swell Smack Down Celebration but remember to celebrate responsibly.