I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up … Really

This is my adopted family (Freckles is passed out on the couch after the “boys” gave her some liquor to enjoy). I’ve been hanging around with them since high school. It’s the biological family (I love these PC terms) of my best friend Lori. I call her parents my SPARENTS (spare + parents = oh how clever am I). Well yesterday I found out both of my sparents are in the hospital. Well I knew Dad B was in rehab after having his knee replaced last week, but Mom B fell on Tuesday and fractured her pelvic bone. She was all by herself, because Dad was at rehab, and she couldn’t stand up and had to crawl to the phone to call for help. I guess it’s medical alert time. After all those years of making fun of the commercials it’s time to join in. Now Mom B will have to go for rehab. It’s such a mess. Lori is coming to town (she lives in Wyoming, the state not the city). I’ve been through this with my mom and grandma and I don’t envy her or her sister all the decisions they’ll be making in the future. I’ll be there to support them.
When I called Mom B at the hospital yesterday her first words to me were “Screw the Golden Years.” I think she said it best.