I’ve Got Good News, Semi Good News and Bad News

The bad news is that my mom’s only cousin, Bob Scudder, passed away. This is a picture of him, my mom and their grandmother. I’m thinking it is around 1934 or 35. Like my dad’s brother, my Uncle Dick, who passed away in December, Bob was the last of his generation on my mom’s side. He was 93 and a colonel in the Air Force. He lived in California and was so filled with life right up until the last few years. I hadn’t talked to him for a while because his hearing had gotten pretty bad and it was hard to have a phone conversation. Still, I’ll miss knowing he is here with us.

The semi good news is that my friend Lisa found out the lab reports came back as benign. The problem is they aren’t sure if they got all the right cells. The surgeon is out of town and they have to talk to her when she gets back. If they didn’t get all the right cells Lisa may have to have the procedure done all over again. That would suck. If they did get all the right cells that means it is benign. Semi good news.

And now, for the good news, I got into the Fringe!!! Yippee!!! So now all I have to do is write the show, practice the show, and perform the show. Did I say good news? Yes, I’m looking forward to doing another show. For right now, my working title is, “Change Your Underwear; Change Your Life.” It would be a look at the world of self-help. That could change, much like your underwear.

And, let’s not mention the weather or I may have to hit someone.

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  1. WOW! I didn't know you got in! How did that happen. Or did I miss a post on FB when I was too busy to read?

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